Influencer Marketing in the world of hockey is new.

While endorsements have been part of the game for decades,
until now the opps that paid well have been limited to the Top Tier. 

As social media has rapidly become a big part of our everyday lives, a shift in what an endorsement could look like – and who could be doing the endorsing – has happened.

A whole new world of promotion and monetization has opened up. Player Partnerships helps pro hockey players (current and alumni) connect with brands they genuinely want to hype and get paid what they should to do it.

If you are a player or Player Rep

Don't get stuck in the cycle of promoting things for less than you're worth (or worse: free).

I’m a hockey player.
Why should I care about Influencer Marketing?

We get it. Building a personal brand is not something you really thought you were getting into when you entered the world of hockey. You might even cringe at the term “Influencer”. But here’s something to think about: The influencer marketing industry is on track to be worth up to $15 billion by 2022.

Brands are already setting aside significant budgets to pay people with authentic and valuable social media followings. Why not you?

We help you leverage your authentic following to promote brands you love, and get paid to do it.

How Can Player Partnerships Help?


We’re available to consult with you and go over your specific social media stats. We make suggestions on the do’s and don’ts to grow your account.


We have a number of brands in our network that are looking for people to market through. If the brand aligns with you and your personality, we can facilitate the opportunity for a marketing collaboration.


Companies literally bank on players having no idea what to charge or what rates are based on. We can make sure you’re getting fair compensation and that the terms of your contract are reasonable.

If you are a player or Player Rep

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